Sunday, 17 May 2009

Can You Really Cheat Your Way Thin?

As someone who used to be overweight, i absolutely hate diets. I understand exactly how tempting the latest diet fad, trick, pill or potion can be. However so many times, these fantastically marketed products and programs fail to live up to their promises and leave me with a lack of results and that empty feeling inside.

Today i'd like to take this opportunity to review a very controversial and different weight loss program. It is called "Cheat Your Way Thin" by Joel Marion. Joel is an author, nutritionist, fitness expert and was the 2001 Body For Life Grand Champion.

Why Is It That Certain Diets Never Work Out And Fail?

So many diets work on short term solutions and are not intended for the long run. These diets work against your body, it's natural defences and your metabolism. These diets try to deprive your body of something. Whether it be cutting back the carbs or protein or just eating a hell of a lot less than your body requires.

What happens? Well with these type of diets, your metabolism slows right down. When your metabolism is fired up and working on all cylinders, it is your body's natural fat burning machine. By slowing this process down, you will burn fat and calories a lot slower, if at all.

Your metabolism slows right down is because it no longer wants to burn your fat stores, it needs to keep these for energy. The reason for this - all these normal type diets will eventually send your body into "starvation mode".

So the final result is that either the weight loss process will slow right down or a complete reversal and you will start to put weight back on.

Sound Familiar?

So What's The Soultion?

"Strategically Cheating". If you indulge yourself occasionally with your favourite (fatty) foods, this can "trick" your metabolism into believing you're not really on a diet. This will also make any weight loss plan easier to stick to as you know every once in a while you can eat your favourite foods without feeling guilty.

However, "Cheating" needs to done in a knowledgeable way if you really want to lose those pounds. By not following a specific and correct plan, your "cheating" can just become pure greed and gluttony.

This is why i highly recommend Joel Marion's Cheat Your Thin Program because it's wonderfully crafted and structured. Joel's findings are backed up with scientific research. Joel's program will help you to understand your body's needs and help you to work with you body and not against it.

If you follow this specialized and expertly laid out plan, you can achieve fast and lasting results. You don't need to deprive yourself of food. You don't need to starve yourself anymore. Learn to lose weight in a more intelligent and productive way.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Cheat Your Way Thin Program ?

- You are on a diet, but you are still allowed to eat your favourite foods

- You won't have to suffer those guilty feelings just because you ate the "wrong" thing

- You will maintain muscle tissue rather than burning it away with your usual starvation diets (the more muscle tissue you have, the more fat your body will naturally burn)

- This is a very easy program to stick to

- This program can help you shift body fat fast

- It is very well organized and easy to follow

- This program is affordable for anyone

- If you feel the program hasn't worked for you, there is a money back guarantee.

This program has worked for so many people. Check out the testimonials and before and after pictures. This program can also help YOU.

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